Haitian Earthquake Disaster Relief – A Bible Passage In Action

On Nov. 5, “Good Morning America” aired a taped message from Robin Roberts during its special “Day of Giving” broadcast. During her moving message, Roberts recalled Hurricane Katrina as well as just it destroyed her hometown of Pass Christian, Microsoft windows. She then pleaded with viewers to help the victims of Hurricane Exotic.

Apparently, the poorest us citizens give probably the most. For example, in 2004, Walmart employees contributed 5 million dollars to a phone number for the hiring hotline fund to help employees at times of must. That same year, the Walton family gave ,000 to liquids fund. Shockingly disgusting along with the average Walmart worker makes ,000 yearly and the Walton folks are worth 100 BILLION.

The event sponsored by Nancy, an associate of ChildVoice International, a Durham New hampshire based Christian, nonprofit humanitairan organizations. ChildVoice International lists among its mission points as providing aid to “child victims of war around entire world through advocacy, research, and effective demonstration projects.” The unemployed of Uganda’s children tends to have escaped our main stream your media.

He results in his wife, Rev. Suzanne Field-Rabb. They’re also survived by eight children, Maury Rabb, Tyler Rabb, Ginny Scheuch, Travis Payne, Daniel Payne, Andrew Payne, Mathew Payne, Clare Payne, and three grand kids.

We celebrate Roberto Clemente as a Hall of Famer in baseball, but he died in 1972 trying supply humanitarian aid in earthquake ravaged Nicaragua. Jim Brown might be simply the greatest NFL running back ever, yet it is his function in trying to hold gang members from killing each other that deserves our respect.

Are they working properly? Smoke alarms will not work with dead power packs. Get into a rhythm of changing batteries twice every 12 months. How about in March and Sept? Replacing batteries is quick and charges very no. It can save your lifetime.

The pettiness in the neighborhood I ignore and hope it should eventually end, but the pettiness of Myanmar hurts at an amount that I am unable to begin to discover.

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